SpecForce 3: Lone Gunmen



Personal sheet (German) [.pdf, 82 kB]

If there's no other sheet needed, this one is. With this, the character data like health and ammunition are kept. The whole thing is a standard-sized PDF document easily printed from a b/w inkjet printer. A new function of Acrobat 5.0 let's you choose wich character data is printed.

Tango sheet (German) [.pdf, 90 kB]

While players have their nice big sheets, the gamemaster is happy about very much smaller sheets to keep record of terrorists and hostages (who have not that much vital items anyway). In fact, four persons fit on these standard-sized sheets.

Tokens Lone Gunmen [.pdf, 90 kB]

Tokens Ronin [.pdf, 81 kB]

Tokens to print and glue together. Besides the actual SWAT there are about another 15 tokens for rogues and civilians.

Mission sheet: Empty (German) [.pdf, 32 kB]

Grenade Markers [.pdf, 23 kB]

On this slip, everything important about the mission is kept: what's it all about, what the expected targets are, what to get mission points for, where the starting points are, and who enters the race with what equipment. The whole thing as a practical b/w PDF in standard size, as usual.
And use the grenade marker to mark the location and area of effect of grenades by placing them on your mission sheet. For best use print this sheet on transparency sheets.

"Not-so-important Things"

Turn sheet [.pdf, 27 kB]

This sheet serves to organize a turn for the gamemaster. That way the order of moves in a turn is clearly written down, and any changes are quickly recorded. The whole thing is designed as a standard-sized PDF for b/w inkjet printer, as usual. Can also be written onto a roll of toilet paper, of course.

The way of a bullet [.pdf, 26 kB]

With this little sheet you'll never have problems again with all the calculating in shootings. Simply write down the attacker's results, the defender puts his result under it. Nothing which couldn't also be done with a slip of paper.

The locker (German) [.pdf, 28 kB]

The locker sheet allows the Lone Gunmen to write down their assorted equipment and mission points. Nothing which couldn't also be done by a torn-off shred of paper, but it looks much cooler this way. Stored as a standard-sized PDF optimized for b/w inkorello, as usual.