SpecForce 3: Lone Gunmen


The real brave ones skip the scissor work, and project the map with a little help of a beamer directly onto the table.


Basic game plan [.pdf, 2 kB]

A completely empty game plan, provided only with a simple grid. Who's got the time and feels like it may directly paint his levels onto this, or position the individual rooms. Also, you can of course glue several of those pieces together, and thereby rig up a quite impressive game plan.

Room: Empty [.pdf, 2 kB]

Room: Bare concrete [.pdf, 8 kB]
Room: Blue office carpet [.pdf, 12 kB]
Room: Yellowish PVC floor [.pdf, 7 kB]
Room: Glazed tiles [.pdf, 16 kB]

Rooms of different size, which, glued to stiff cardboard, make the individual parts of a complete map. The empty room is left blank so owners of b/w printers can paint in the floor themselves.

Corridor: Empty [.pdf, 3 kB]

Corridor: Blue office carpet [.pdf, 13 kB]
Corridor: Glazed tiles [.pdf, 17 kB]
Corridor: Bare concrete [.pdf, 12 kB]

Corridor pieces matching the rooms, in different lengths and partly with junctions. print it, glue it onto strong cardboard, cut it out, finished!


Doors [.pdf, 19 kB]

On this sheet are 12 doors to put up, as well as 56 markers for door openings for the game board. The markers are simply placed onto room lines, and the doors put atop of them. As soon as the door is opened, it is simply taken off the board, and is at hand for another spot later.

Windows [.pdf, 11 kB]

A motley of wall-high and small windows which are simply placed between rooms. Who has fun with it may meticulously punch out the windows and replace paper by transparent foil.

Miscelleanous items [.pdf, 136 kB]

Diverse obstacles like e.g. freezers, TV sets, beds or also couches. Including height readout, so you know whether the fat dwarf from next door will still find cover behind it.

Lightmarker [.pdf, 84 kB]

These small chips are placed in every room, to show how dark it is in there.

Stairs [.pdf, 25 kB]

Stairs in different sizes. Shadows help you to see if the stairs lead up- or downwards.


Set: GKN Simba armored vehicle [.pdf, 15 kB]

The Lone Gunmen's deployment vehicle, a small wheeled APC. Besides painted-in starting positions, the doors by which to leave the vehicle are also drawn in. All around is an asphalt lane.

Set: MD Helicopters MD 520N [.pdf, 28 kB]

The Ronin's deployment helicopter, viewed from above, including the two side-mounted benches to jump off. As usual with starting positions resp. seats, as well as more markings regarding the object's height. Size is 10 by 11 fields.

Set: Eurocopter EC 135 [.pdf, 28 kB]

A BCPD helicopter. As with the Lone Gunmen's Simba, the doors are drawn in beside the starting positions, as well as an area below the tail where to pass unendangered.