SpecForce 3: Lone Gunmen




Beaver City is a major place somewhere in the United States. Crime is hardly kept in check here at the focal point of differing social groups' interests. The Beaver City Police Department is fighting at the frontlines of this war to protect the city's citizens.

The BCPD's SWAT branch (Special Weapons And Tactics) is a small lot of half-crazy outsiders. In spite of the bad situation, BCPD officials don't like to use them, because their methods are very SWAT indeed.

But within this lot of hard-to-discipline and brutal fellows there's actually a unit that has a shady reputation even among SWAT...

...the Lone Gunmen.

Game Feeling

H&K G36C

Anybody ever noticed how much fun Heroes Quest is? Yes? Good! And anybody ever noticed how much fun Counter-Strike is? Also yes? Really good!

OK, here comes the game that tries to put real weapons in an urban environment into a fast, easy-to-learn, and most of all playable game.

Generally, here the BCPD's Lone Gunmen SWAT square off with gangs of criminals and terrorists who have holed up in buildings, taken hostages, or simply parked illegally, and rather mean to shoot it out with police instead of relying on the force of words, as any civilized human being.

The Lone Gunmen SWAT are played by one to five players, the criminal and possible civilian elements by the gamemaster. Incidentally, the game is played single-blind, i.e. SWAT never know who's hiding behind a door unless they go and look themselves, while the gamemaster of course always knows where his opponents are.


A game by Frank Boës. In case of worries, wishes, applications or unwanted disturbances, simply get in touch.