SpecForce 3: Lone Gunmen



Rulebook (German) [.pdf, 481 kB]

The rulebook comprises not only the necessary game rules, but also a few special rules already, the basic characters of the Lone Gunmen, criminals and civilians, weapons and accessories as well as other equipment.

Compendium (German) [.pdf, 442 kB]

New rules, new characters, new equipment… with this optional package, everybody can design the game as complicated as he or she wants to. In any case there's more realism to it, and life becomes a lot more dangerous for all involved.


Weapons poster [.pdf, 44 kB]

What weapons are to be found in Lone Gunmen and Ronin? On this A3-Poster the collector finds every weapon at once.

Banner [.png, 2 kB]

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